Alphabet Goop

Gisèle and her gooey alphabet bowl help kids learn about phonics in a fun way!

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While Playing: 

Begin with letters that your child will want to learn most, such as the ones in your child's name!

Ask your child to name 3 other objects that begin with the same letter.

Ask your child to find the letter on the computer keyboard.

Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

The wonderful phonics based game, Alphabet Goop, helps your child recognize and match letters of the alphabet, and meets many learning expectations, one of which is:


Use reading strategies that are appropriate for beginning readers in order to make sense of a variety of written materials


At-Home Activities: 
  • Make learning letters part of everyday activities by pointing out letters on cereal boxes, story books and so on.
  • Guessing Game - Fill a large container with items, reach in and pick one out. Help your child name the item and identify what letter it starts with.
  • Treasure Hunt - Walk around the house with your child and try to find and name items that start with the same letter. Take turns.
  • Match the Magnets - Put magnetic letters on a surface such as the fridge, a cookie sheet, an upside down metal mixing bowl and so on (keep changing the surface for variety). Try to match each letter with a picture of something that starts with that letter.