The Adventures of Sir Reads-A-Lot

Practicing new words is fun with Sir Reads-A-Lot!

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While Playing: 

*Studies have shown that playing educational games with your child helps to strengthen the learning experience for your child.

*Take turns looking for the missing letters with your child.

*Talk to your child while you are playing and looking for the letters. Such as, "so we just found the "l" and the  "a", now what letter are we looking for?

Ontario Curriculum Connections: 

Playing the Adventures of Sir Reads-A-Lot helps your 2-5 year old child learn important "sight" words. Learning these words is one of the key skills in learning how to read. This engaging activity also features rhyming, and helps to encourage your child to learn how to read, and meet the following expectations of the Ontario Kindergarten Program:


3. Use reading strategies that are appropriate for beginning readers in order to make sense of a variety of written materials.

3.1 Begin to use reading strategies to make sense of unfamiliar texts in print

At-Home Activities: 

*Print out the printable activity sheet by clicking on the yellow box at the top of this page.

*Play word games with your child. Make some ABC flashcards with index cards and markers, and play Alphabet Match.

*Play "Sight Word Puzzles". Write out some sight words on index cards in big letters with markers. Cut the words apart, one letter at a time and have your child try to put the word back together again! (Words such as am, the, and, I, me, you, yellow, red, blue, in, to etc.)

*Go on a "Sight Word Hunt". Go for a walk around your neighbourhood looking for sight words hiding in signs.